Friday, May 28, 2010

Date-Rape-Detecting Lip Gloss

After Tracy Whittaker was warned by a waitress that the drink that a handsome stranger bought her might be spiked, Whittaker took action. She started 2 Love My Lips, a line of minty-fresh, lip plumping glosses with built in test strips that detect date-rape drugs in drinks.

The final design, two years in the making, received wide attention when it launched a few months ago in Whittaker's native U.K.; now the glosses (five shades; $17 each) are available in the U.S.

According to their website, 2 Love My Lips lip gloss and cosmetics offer the unique combination of beauty and safety. The 2 Love My Lips range of lip gloss is a sassy, tingly two-in-one lip plumping/breath freshening gloss cleverly packaged to include a drink spike detection kit!

2 Love My Lips is not only a new premium lip gloss, it is a tool for all modern women in todays social scene. So the next time you step out to party - look gorgeous and be in control.

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Thanks to Marie Claire magazine for this information.