Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Websites that Save You Time and Money: Part 1

It's hard to imagine what life was like before the internet. As wonderful as it is to have so much information right at our fingertips in can be a bit overwhelming. "Grocery Coupons" for example, if you type it in google you'll get 19 million results.

So, to narrow it down a bit I have found a few sites that are helpful in saving both time and money. Who couldn't stand to save some money right now? I know I could.

This is part 1, so keep a lookout for part 2 through 6 coming soon.
Also, if you have any sites to add to the list, leave them in the comment section, we could use all the help we can get.


1.) Shop Local: Wouldn't you love to have the weekly ad for lots of stores in your community (electronics, clothing, shoes, furniture, home and garden) -- all indexed, organized and updated for you? That's exactly what you will find at In just minutes you can access what's on sale, and who has the best deals this week on the items you need.

2.) Mommy Savers: Not just a treasure trove of coupon codes, printable coupons, freebies and bargains, is also a comprehensive site that provides the support moms need to live the frugal life. It's informative articles, e-books and web videos provide a wide variety of money-saving tips on topics such as grocery shopping, decorating, family road trips, garage sales and clothing shopping. The twice-yearly "Forget the Joneses" boot camp gives members practical steps for creating a budget and living within their means.

3.) The Bargainista: If all you want is a simple, reliable listing of the hottest online bargains, sales, coupons and freebies, then is for you. Recent Bargainista sightings: 40% off Citizens watches at, $10 tanks and tees at Eddie Bauer, up to 70% off at American Eagle plus free shipping. No need to join, register or pay a cent. Just check back often -- the site is updated several times each day.

4.) The Coupon Clippers: Choose exactly the ones you need at, one of the nation's largest online grocery coupon clipping services. Founder Rachel Woodard has more than a million national-brand and restaurant coupons in her warehouse and shipping center at any given time. You can order coupons today and for just a small handling fee of a few cents per coupon plus a 50 cent administrative fee per order(there's a $3 minimum) and postage, have the coupons in your mailbox before week's end. Last time I checked, you could get a $1 coupon for Coca-Cola for 20 cents and a $1 Di Giorno pizza for 12 cents.

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Thanks Mary Hunt from Woman's Day Magazine for these great sites.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Upcycling may be a new term for me but, is in no way a new concept.
Forever XXI Peacock Feather Cardigan, $19.80
Make your own by using a plain cardigan, you already own and
adding a cute peacock feather applique, (usually can be ironed on,
may want to sew around edges for extra hold.)
What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a process in which disposable or discarded items are repurposed to make them valuable, useful, or simply aesthetically pleasing. Upcycling is designed to work in opposition to consumer culture, encouraging people to think of new and innovative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods. It also benefits the environment, by promoting reuse over discarding whenever possible.
As most poor people are aware, upcycling has been practiced for centuries, and factories have long used innovative upcycling techniques to ensure that nothing they handle goes to waste. For example, grain processors often burn waste materials like husks and stems to power their plants, thereby eliminating waste and making their operations more efficient.

There are all sorts of examples of upcycling, ranging from building houses out of entirely discarded materials to turning plastic bags into yarn for knitting. Everyone can upcycle, which is part of the appeal, and people can participate at whatever level they feel comfortable with, from delving through dumpsters to salvage useful things to re-using containers rather than tossing them or throwing them out.

Under the upcycling philosophy, everything has a potential use or value, although it might take some creative thinking to figure out what that use is.
Upcycling is essentially the “reuse” in “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Many people find that once they start upcycling, it's hard to stop, and new ideas for upcycling constantly come to mind.
So, I have been "upcycling" for years and didn't even know it.
Sharing clothes with younger siblings, also known as "hand-me-downs," letting out the hem on pants that have gotten too short, saving used baby food jars to hold nick nacks or beads, using an old sheet for a Halloween ghost costume, and so much more but you get my drift.
Anyway, the point of this is that I have renewed my love for the art of "Trashique" or "Trashion" which I like to call it. I have found that you can give some of those boring old clothes in your closet a new life, by adding some lace or appliques to a t-shirt or transforming several pieces of broken jewelry into a fun new peice.
This started because I saw a shirt at Forever21 that I loved. Unfortunately, it didn't come in my size and after looking at it closer I thought, wait I could make that.
Here are a few examples from Forever 21 that I picked to show you how easy this can be using stuff you probably already own. Grab your siccors, needle and thread, some lace and ribbon, and your old clothes. Be creative and have FUN!
Forever XXI Plaid Trimmed Tunic, $19.80
Take any graphic Tee, a skinny belt and some plaid
fabric, and sew fabric to bottom of Tee.
Forever XXI Ruffle Front Tunic, $20
Take any tank or tunic and some ruffles to the front.
Forever XXI Pearl Trim Sweater, $29
Add lace, pearls and pearl buttoms to a plain sweater.
Forever XXI Side Gathered Chiffon Top, $19.80
Plain T-shirt bunch up corner and sew in place, super easy.
Forever XXI Lace Ruffle Top, $29
Plain White Tee, add lace ruffle to the front
and some trim around the collar.
Forever XXI Ruffle Front Cardigan, $32
Add some ribbon and lace to front, collar and cuffs
of a plain sweater or cardigan.
Forever XXI Chiffon Trim Sweater, $29
Plain long sleeve tee, add buttons and ruffle to
front, and ruffle to collar and cuffs.

Forever XXI Pleated Trim Tank, $19.80
Plain tank, add lots of lace ruffles, some ribbon and buttons.

Keep a look out for some of my creations as I get them finished up...

Let me know how you "Upcycle" and your ideas for any "Trashiqued" items you have restructured.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Think Smart - Quick Tip

Halloween Quick Tip

Instead of buying your child, or yourself, who are we kidding, a new trick-or-treat bag,
you can use last year's bag, but that can be boring and a bit redundent....

So, try these ideas...

A Pillowcase. This allows your creative juices to flow, and can be decorated to match your costume, if desired.
This bag can be made by sewing the bottom of a pillowcase closed and then cutting out the handles. Make sure to reinforce your stiches so the bag will hold lots of candy, w/out ripping! Decorate with fabric paint, glitter, or anything you can think of.

Reusable Shopping Bags w/ Handels. These are from Target, usually cast about $1 and can be reused for shopping after Halloween. My grocery store is currently selling the same type of bag that looks like a big pumpkin. You can also, decorate them with fabric paint or glitter.

I was told that this Sundays paper would have a coupon to get this bag for free, at Target. My paper had NO coupon but did include a free plastic, Astro Boy Halloween Bag, so check that out!

Just a few ways to Go Green, this Halloween!

What are some of your tips for a Homemade Halloween? Post them in the comments...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maybelline Superstay 24 Hr Liquid Foundation

I was grocery shopping this afternoon, and just had to canoodle my way through the makeup aisle, as always I found something I wanted to try....

The new, Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Liquid Makeup Foundation.

Now, last week I was in Target and saw this same product that was in a package that came with a free concealer, for $9.99. So, I had it in my cart and was planning to buy it,

until I noticed I was already spending too much money, so I put it back... : (

So, back to today...

The grocery store, Jewel-Osco, which is not somewhere I buy makeup too often, because it doesn't usually have the best prices, unless it is a clearance item, had all their Maybelline products on sale.

Regular price was, $12.99, then it was on sale for $7.69. But wait it gets better...

They had a booklet of coupons for $2 off any Maybelline product!!! : )

Final Price = $5.69

So, if you live anywhere near a Jewel Food Store or an Osco Drug Store, check this out. Jewel is owned by Albertsons, so they may have this same sale.

I have not tried this product, yet. So, I cannot reccomend it. I will be doing a review in a week or so after I get a feel for the product and how much I like or dislike it.

I can say that they had about 13 different shades with testers, which was nice, and no weird smell!

I hope this helps, look for the review soon... from the reviews I have read so far I have only heard really good things, and a lot of people comparing it to one of Mac's Foundations, with the Maybelline having a medium to full coverage.

Hope this helps some of you recessionistas out there, like me, on a budget. You don't have to sacrifice quality, to stay on ur budget!

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