Friday, May 28, 2010

Date-Rape-Detecting Lip Gloss

After Tracy Whittaker was warned by a waitress that the drink that a handsome stranger bought her might be spiked, Whittaker took action. She started 2 Love My Lips, a line of minty-fresh, lip plumping glosses with built in test strips that detect date-rape drugs in drinks.

The final design, two years in the making, received wide attention when it launched a few months ago in Whittaker's native U.K.; now the glosses (five shades; $17 each) are available in the U.S.

According to their website, 2 Love My Lips lip gloss and cosmetics offer the unique combination of beauty and safety. The 2 Love My Lips range of lip gloss is a sassy, tingly two-in-one lip plumping/breath freshening gloss cleverly packaged to include a drink spike detection kit!

2 Love My Lips is not only a new premium lip gloss, it is a tool for all modern women in todays social scene. So the next time you step out to party - look gorgeous and be in control.

Go to and use code MARCLA25 for a 25% discount.

Limited Time Offer!

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Thanks to Marie Claire magazine for this information.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zipper Ballet Flats

I am loving anything zipperized lately, and these shoes are no exception.

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous, not only sells these in her etsy shop, Tattered Flower, but she is so kind to have added a tutorial to her blog.

and if you want to know how you could win this...

Check her out.
I have also posted more info about the contest on my new Up-cycling Craft Blog,
Crafting Wish List.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen Dead at 40

Fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, who was scheduled to start off Fashion Week today, was found dead in his apartment in London. It is believed that the 40 year old designer committed suicide.
His unique style and designs were an innovative addition to the fashion industry.

McQueen's family issued a statement stating that "On behalf of Lee McQueen's family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand, has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee's family. Lee's family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this."
Here’s what some of the people and co-workers who knew him had to say:

Naomi Campbell: “I am truly devastated to lose my close friend. His talent had no boundaries and he was an inspiration to everyone who worked with him and knew him. This is a sad day to all who loved him around the world and my condolences are with his family. I will miss him so much, he will never be forgotten.”

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief, Vogue: “We are devastated to learn of the death of Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest talents of his generation. He brought a uniquely British sense of daring and aesthetic fearlessness to the global stage of fashion. In such a short career, Alexander McQueen’s influence was astonishing—from street style to music culture and the world’s museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss.”

Lagerfel, Chanel designer: “I found his work very interesting and never banal. There was always some attraction to death, his designs were sometimes dehumanized. Who knows, perhaps after flirting with death too often, death attracts you."

I think it is fair to say that Alexander McQueen was a unique and talented designer whose designs will be marveled and admired for years to come, I doubt there will ever be a designer quite like him. He will be greatly missed.

New Blog - Crafting Wish List

I wanted to let everyone know about my new blog. I have really been enjoying a lot of other crafty blogs and websites lately. So, I started a blog so I could save all of the ideas on line that I was digging along with crafts I completed myself. Kind of like an on line file cabinet.

Then I started thinking that others may enjoy keeping up with all these great ideas as well.

So, if you are interested in creating your own home decor, holiday decor, sewing ur own clothes, refashioning ur own clothes, looking at all the creative ideas from blog land.... then check out...

My Crafting Wish List


PS I will still be posting on this blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I LOVE SHOES.... as most big girls do. No matter how many extra pounds I may gain or lose I can still wear my shoes, and they can make the most boring outfit look extra special.

So, I was purusing the world wide web and came across these beauties...
OUCH.... These suckers look painful! and then these....
Very unique... I doubt you will run into another girl at the party wearing these bad boys!
Now this last pair...
Scary... looks like some type of torture device... don't piss the girl off who's wearing these shoes,
"Super Freak, She's Super Freaky"
Now I like a good shoe that is different and stands out, but I don't quite know what else to say about these.
Just curious to know what your reaction to these shoes are?
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or the blind.
BTW, I don't know the price, but can imagine they are all priced at a couple hundred, at least.
Would you go this far to be unique? and How long do you think you could walk in these?
Thanks for checking me out...
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Holidays... Where am I Going with All of This?...

I know it has been a while, and I am about 2 weeks late but...


I have been reading so many blogs lately, (I think I have an addiction) and everyone is talking about the dreaded New Years Resolutions.....
I usually don't make any b/c I feel that they are destined to FAIL!
but I decided to make just a couple.
So, I will share them with all my blog/youtube friends,
hoping that this will help me stay accountable!
I am the worst with this. I will try to put off anything if I can, and it
really puts me in a deep rutt. So that is #1

I love this website.... basically for those who are unfamiliar, you make a pledge for 2/4/or 6 months that you will not buy any NEW clothes. You will Reuse/Recycle/Reduce by refashioning old clothes that you have or have bought second hand from the thrift shop/yard sale/estate sale/etc. OR you can just make your own clothes from scratch.

You are allowed to buy socks/shoes/underwear/bras/etc. brand new during this time AND supplies or material to make new stuff. The whole idea is to reduce our waste....

I am really excited about this. I have been lurking on this site for a few months now and there are some really talented people on there. I have gotten so many ideas, I cant wait to get started.

I have taken the 2 month pledge, just to get my feet wet and see how it goes. I don't really have much of a choice right now anyways, Im BROKE!

This is a refashioned sweatshirt.... I think it is really cute!

So, I will keep posting to let you know about the stuff I make/re-fashion.

BTW, I tried to give only handmade gifts for Christmas this year, and it went really good. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the "after" pics b4 I gave them away. I really wanted to show them off... I will see what I can do to get some pics of the stuff "in use"

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season... and I hope to post about some really cool Valentines Day gifts very soon!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

ELF 75% OFF SALE - HURRY.... is one of my favorite sites to buy makeup. They are having a really great sale, 75% off all of their Elements Line and Makeup Bags/Cases!

I am heading over to the site right now! The eye shadow, blushes, bronzers and lip glosses from the Elements Line are normally $1.00 each, make sure you also get the compact (also $1.00) unless you have a MAC palette with empty slots. These pans will fit the MAC palette!

Moondust and Sage

These eye shadows are some of my favorites, they are very pigmented and blend very nice. Moondust is very similar to MACs Satin Taupe and the Sage is similar to MACs Golden Olive/Sumptuous Olive.

My other faves are, Dusk, Ivory, Pink Ice, Golden Glow and Mocha.

What are your faves?

So, at $0.25, each.... WOW you can't beat that.... Christmas Shopping anyone???

Also, if you spend $75 you get FREE Shipping, and if you spend at least $25 you wil get a FREE subscription to Vouge or Glamour magazine!

Happy Thanksgiving
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forever 21: New Plus Size Line; Faith 21

I was so excited last week, to be going to the fashion mecca, Forever 21 on Michigan Ave downtown Chicago in the "Mag Mile" as it is so famously called. This was by no means my first trip to Forever 21. However, it was my first time going to this location, which is a whopping 3 floors.

The other reason I was so very excited was b/c I had yet to check out their new plus size line, Faith 21, that came out in May 09.
Here are a few pics of some outfits from the Faith 21 plus size line.
My daughter and I walked in and were in awe of the enormous store. The store was decorated so glamorously kitchy chic. The jewelry racks seemed to go on forever. The store was set up in sections. The different "collections" were set together.
After taking it all in and perusing the costume jewelry for a moment we took off in search of the long awaited "plus size" section.
Everywhere we looked were women of all ages, a few men holding bags and looking impatient, and sales people hustling about.
Behold, we arrived in the plus size section, and everything, stopped. Literally, were did all the people go? This "little" section of "plus sized" clothing was empty and left so much to be desired. No sales people to help, no men holding bags, very few women shopping and a huge check out counter holding discounted belts and hair accessories that seemed so abandoned I expected to see a layer of dust everywhere.
So, I thought OK no big deal. Now I can shop in peace.
We dug in, picking up piece after piece of great looking clothing. But wait, the biggest size they had a 2X, was not a "true" 2x. Everything was cut so small.
Needless to say I was so disappointed. I had high expectations and was extremely let down.
If you are a size 12-14 then you will probably have some luck. Otherwise, stick to Torrid, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, etc...
Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE Forever 21, just not the small cut of their Plus Sizes, they are one of my faves for jewelry and accessories.
Alexandra, at Stitch Fashion, wrote a really great article; How to Really Shop at Forever 21, with some great tips, and,
if you live in the Chicago land area, she keeps tab of upcoming fashion events and goings on in the city and surrounding suburbs.
Have any of you had any luck with the Faith 21, plus size line?
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

27 Days of Thanks; Day #17

Make sure to check out Amanda @ Serenity Now, for loads more thankfulness!

Day 17:

Today, I am thankful for, YouTube. I have learned so many cool things and made so many great friends. It has also given me a whole new hobby, that has given me that all so needed "me time" that all of us mommy's and wives need.

I started my channel almost a year ago. Originally I created a channel so I could comment on other youtubers videos, but then, like it has for most of us, turned into me doing my own videos. It has done so much for my self esteem, and has given me a whole new creative outlet.

If you haven't checked out youtube you are missing out. It is totally free to join and to post videos. There are videos on practically any topic you can think of.
Here is a link to my channel if you are interested in saving money, couponing, freebies, and makeup tutorials. Queenbbeee's Youtube Channel.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

27 Days of Thanks; Days 15 & 16

Maybe before this is over I will get on track posting these each day... So, here is Days 15 & 16.
Don't forget to check out Amanda @ Serenity Now for lots of more Thankfulness!

Day 15:

I love reading magazines. All You is my fave, but I also like Woman's Day, Family Circle, Allure, Cosmo, (who doesn't like Cosmo) and many more...
There are so many tips, coupons, and great information. I can also easily carry a magazine in my purse to pull out whenever I have a few minutes to read or do one of the cool puzzles in the back. Sudoku is my favorite.

Day 16:

Today, has been a very enlightening day. I had myself all up in a tizzy, worrying about my daughter growing up too fast. She is 13 and I worry about her making bad choices. Which I'm sure most parents feel the same.

After, a really good talk I realized that she wasn't growing up as fast as I thought she was. She is still somewhat my "little" girl, but I know that won't last too much longer. I will only see glimpses of my "little" girl now. But that is OK because she is a great kid and I have faith that she is going to make good choices, most of the time, and when she doesn't she knows that I am here to talk to and together we can get through anything.

So, today I am thankful for my not so "little" girl, growing up into a respectful, loving, smart, beautiful, compassionate, incredibly talented, young woman.

Give Thanks every day!

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