Thursday, November 26, 2009

ELF 75% OFF SALE - HURRY.... is one of my favorite sites to buy makeup. They are having a really great sale, 75% off all of their Elements Line and Makeup Bags/Cases!

I am heading over to the site right now! The eye shadow, blushes, bronzers and lip glosses from the Elements Line are normally $1.00 each, make sure you also get the compact (also $1.00) unless you have a MAC palette with empty slots. These pans will fit the MAC palette!

Moondust and Sage

These eye shadows are some of my favorites, they are very pigmented and blend very nice. Moondust is very similar to MACs Satin Taupe and the Sage is similar to MACs Golden Olive/Sumptuous Olive.

My other faves are, Dusk, Ivory, Pink Ice, Golden Glow and Mocha.

What are your faves?

So, at $0.25, each.... WOW you can't beat that.... Christmas Shopping anyone???

Also, if you spend $75 you get FREE Shipping, and if you spend at least $25 you wil get a FREE subscription to Vouge or Glamour magazine!

Happy Thanksgiving
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forever 21: New Plus Size Line; Faith 21

I was so excited last week, to be going to the fashion mecca, Forever 21 on Michigan Ave downtown Chicago in the "Mag Mile" as it is so famously called. This was by no means my first trip to Forever 21. However, it was my first time going to this location, which is a whopping 3 floors.

The other reason I was so very excited was b/c I had yet to check out their new plus size line, Faith 21, that came out in May 09.
Here are a few pics of some outfits from the Faith 21 plus size line.
My daughter and I walked in and were in awe of the enormous store. The store was decorated so glamorously kitchy chic. The jewelry racks seemed to go on forever. The store was set up in sections. The different "collections" were set together.
After taking it all in and perusing the costume jewelry for a moment we took off in search of the long awaited "plus size" section.
Everywhere we looked were women of all ages, a few men holding bags and looking impatient, and sales people hustling about.
Behold, we arrived in the plus size section, and everything, stopped. Literally, were did all the people go? This "little" section of "plus sized" clothing was empty and left so much to be desired. No sales people to help, no men holding bags, very few women shopping and a huge check out counter holding discounted belts and hair accessories that seemed so abandoned I expected to see a layer of dust everywhere.
So, I thought OK no big deal. Now I can shop in peace.
We dug in, picking up piece after piece of great looking clothing. But wait, the biggest size they had a 2X, was not a "true" 2x. Everything was cut so small.
Needless to say I was so disappointed. I had high expectations and was extremely let down.
If you are a size 12-14 then you will probably have some luck. Otherwise, stick to Torrid, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, etc...
Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE Forever 21, just not the small cut of their Plus Sizes, they are one of my faves for jewelry and accessories.
Alexandra, at Stitch Fashion, wrote a really great article; How to Really Shop at Forever 21, with some great tips, and,
if you live in the Chicago land area, she keeps tab of upcoming fashion events and goings on in the city and surrounding suburbs.
Have any of you had any luck with the Faith 21, plus size line?
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

27 Days of Thanks; Day #17

Make sure to check out Amanda @ Serenity Now, for loads more thankfulness!

Day 17:

Today, I am thankful for, YouTube. I have learned so many cool things and made so many great friends. It has also given me a whole new hobby, that has given me that all so needed "me time" that all of us mommy's and wives need.

I started my channel almost a year ago. Originally I created a channel so I could comment on other youtubers videos, but then, like it has for most of us, turned into me doing my own videos. It has done so much for my self esteem, and has given me a whole new creative outlet.

If you haven't checked out youtube you are missing out. It is totally free to join and to post videos. There are videos on practically any topic you can think of.
Here is a link to my channel if you are interested in saving money, couponing, freebies, and makeup tutorials. Queenbbeee's Youtube Channel.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

27 Days of Thanks; Days 15 & 16

Maybe before this is over I will get on track posting these each day... So, here is Days 15 & 16.
Don't forget to check out Amanda @ Serenity Now for lots of more Thankfulness!

Day 15:

I love reading magazines. All You is my fave, but I also like Woman's Day, Family Circle, Allure, Cosmo, (who doesn't like Cosmo) and many more...
There are so many tips, coupons, and great information. I can also easily carry a magazine in my purse to pull out whenever I have a few minutes to read or do one of the cool puzzles in the back. Sudoku is my favorite.

Day 16:

Today, has been a very enlightening day. I had myself all up in a tizzy, worrying about my daughter growing up too fast. She is 13 and I worry about her making bad choices. Which I'm sure most parents feel the same.

After, a really good talk I realized that she wasn't growing up as fast as I thought she was. She is still somewhat my "little" girl, but I know that won't last too much longer. I will only see glimpses of my "little" girl now. But that is OK because she is a great kid and I have faith that she is going to make good choices, most of the time, and when she doesn't she knows that I am here to talk to and together we can get through anything.

So, today I am thankful for my not so "little" girl, growing up into a respectful, loving, smart, beautiful, compassionate, incredibly talented, young woman.

Give Thanks every day!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

27 Days of Thanks... Days 8-14

I have gotten really behind on these posts, so in an attempt to catch up here are Days 8 - 13.

Don't forget to check out, for more Thankfulness.

Day 8:

I love finding a great sale so I was immediately drawn to this awesome, one day only SALE!

Day 9:

One of my all time favorite inventions, indoor plumbing. I guess I have a different idea of "indoor" plumbing, than this guy! But still much better than an outhouse.

Day 10:

Cup holders are the best, and having a built in cup holder, even better! This probably also helps keep you cool on those hot summer days.

Day 11:

My furry friends. I have 2 guinea pigs, Nina Simone and Coco Chanel, that I love to death. Literally, I had to give Nina mouth-to-mouth when she had a "bathing" accident. So, we have a very close bond.

Day 12:

Art, I love art and public art that you can enjoy for free is great.
There is just something about a great piece of art that is so thought provoking.

Day 13:

Thank God It Is Friday, even if it is Friday the 13th and this is my 13th day of thanks. I mean, who doesn't love the weekend? I guess, unless you still have to go to work. : (

I added Day 14, so that I would be all caught up through tomorrow as well.

Day 14:

The internet, I spend most of my free time on the internet. I don't think this needs much explaination, but you can do so much here. Like watch practically any tv show you may have missed b/c you were trying to write a post for your blog or watching some addicting youtube videos, or looking at some really funny pics on some girls crazy blog. And don't forget how many great friends/family members you can keep in contact with all over the world.

I hope you all enjoyed these funny pictures, all in good fun!

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More Upcycled Pics

Here are a few more "upcycled" items that I thought were really cute.

These headbands are so cute....

but this skirt is my fave!

Think of how great this skirt will make your butt look???
You can find this skirt and many other super cute items, at this etsy store:
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

27 Days of Thanks Days 6 & 7

Check out Amanda at Serenity Now, for more Days of Thanks...

Sorry I missed yesterday, I am doin 2 today.

So, What am i Thankful for:

Day 6

Echinacea. This stuff is BOSS... Anytime I get sick I start taking it. It literally cuts the time I am sick in half. It helps boost your immune system. Love it. A sick girls Best Friend.

And Day 7.... The Office
My all time favorite show. So being sick has had its advantages. I can now say I have seen every episode ever made, thanks Netflix!
Being sick has been, Really Hard
"That's What She Said,"
-Michael Scott
OK, that was cheesy, but I couldnt help myself. If you are a fan you know exactly what that is all about. If your not a fan, WHY NOT???? J/K

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

27 Days of Thanksgiving # 5

Check out, for 27 Days of Thanksgiving

I have been sitting here looking at the screen, trying to come up with something to write about??? Not that I don't have anything to be thankful for but come on, who wants to read about me being thankful ful for clothes on my back, a roof over my head, a healthy child, you know all the basics. Then it hit me, today I am thankful for all the "little" things. The things that really aren't that little but that we take for granted most days. The stuff that most of us don't realize how important they are until they are threatened to be taken away.

Today, i spent the better part of my morning in the emergency room. My husband has really bad asthma and he was having a hard time breathing and flu symptoms. The doctor gave him a script for Tamiflu, which is what they are giving for H1N1. They said he has the flu but just to be sure it isn't a bacteria they are giving him the meds. Now, I am starting to have symptoms. Fortunately, I don't have asthma so hopefully I won't have as hard of a time with it.

So, this is why I was having a hard time finding what to be thankful for today. I guess it is just a reminder of how much the "little" things really aren't that little.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

27 Days of Thankfulness #4

Click this link, to find out what Amanda, at Serenity Now, and some of her subbies are

Thankful for.

What am I Thankful for:
Day #4

I know most of you probably feel the same way but, I have the BEST mom in the world!

Even though she lives 2 states away she is still always there for me when I need her and she provided me with a great childhood and a loving home growing up.

I am thankful that even though she doesn't live near me, I get to talk to her almost anytime I need her, and I get to visit her a couple times a year.

Stay Beautiful - Beauty Queens

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

27 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 3

Day 3 of;

What are you Thankful for?

Lately I have been really stressed about the economy, mainly my economy, and how much my job sucks. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but I work in the healthcare field and it seems like every other week my pay is getting cut in half. Pretty soon there won't be anymore pay to cut, which is why the stress factor.

So, in the spirit of being grateful, I found this pic;

at least this lady doesn't have to worry about any healthcare reform issues!
Once again, it could always be worse!
Don't forget to check out Amanda at Serenity Now, for her 27 Days of Thanksgiving!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

27 Days of Thanksgiving

Amanda over at Serenity Now is doing 27 Days of Thanksgiving.

So, I have been reading her posts and I started to think of how many things we have to be thankful for that we usually take for granted.

I'm going to try and keep up with Amanda, make sure you use the link above to check her blogs out, lots of great ideas over there. Since, I missed a day I am adding 2 things I am thankful for in this post.

What I am Thankful for?

This may not look like something to be "thankful" for, it is all in the perception.

This is not my actual car but it is a very similar model.

I tend to complain, that I am driving a car that is almost as old as I am. Well, the other day when I ran out of gas and she wouldn't start, I remembered how thankful for that "hunk of junk" I really am, and I try to remember that, it could always be worse.

For example, that could be a pic of my actual car.

My goal for today; Look at the bright side, it could always be worse, your car could be buried under brush in your backyard!

What am I Thankful for #2:
The day after Halloween. All the trick-or-treating, decorating, making costumes, shopping, cooking and all the other stuff that comes along with being a mom at Halloween, is over and there is lots of good candy to score while the kids are at school today or when they just aren't looking! My faves are Milky Way & Butterfinger, how bout you, what is your fave candy to steal from your kids candy bag? Come on, we all do it. Don't We?

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