Saturday, November 7, 2009

27 Days of Thanks Days 6 & 7

Check out Amanda at Serenity Now, for more Days of Thanks...

Sorry I missed yesterday, I am doin 2 today.

So, What am i Thankful for:

Day 6

Echinacea. This stuff is BOSS... Anytime I get sick I start taking it. It literally cuts the time I am sick in half. It helps boost your immune system. Love it. A sick girls Best Friend.

And Day 7.... The Office
My all time favorite show. So being sick has had its advantages. I can now say I have seen every episode ever made, thanks Netflix!
Being sick has been, Really Hard
"That's What She Said,"
-Michael Scott
OK, that was cheesy, but I couldnt help myself. If you are a fan you know exactly what that is all about. If your not a fan, WHY NOT???? J/K

Stay Beautiful - Beauty Queens

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