Sunday, October 18, 2009

Think Smart - Quick Tip

Halloween Quick Tip

Instead of buying your child, or yourself, who are we kidding, a new trick-or-treat bag,
you can use last year's bag, but that can be boring and a bit redundent....

So, try these ideas...

A Pillowcase. This allows your creative juices to flow, and can be decorated to match your costume, if desired.
This bag can be made by sewing the bottom of a pillowcase closed and then cutting out the handles. Make sure to reinforce your stiches so the bag will hold lots of candy, w/out ripping! Decorate with fabric paint, glitter, or anything you can think of.

Reusable Shopping Bags w/ Handels. These are from Target, usually cast about $1 and can be reused for shopping after Halloween. My grocery store is currently selling the same type of bag that looks like a big pumpkin. You can also, decorate them with fabric paint or glitter.

I was told that this Sundays paper would have a coupon to get this bag for free, at Target. My paper had NO coupon but did include a free plastic, Astro Boy Halloween Bag, so check that out!

Just a few ways to Go Green, this Halloween!

What are some of your tips for a Homemade Halloween? Post them in the comments...

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