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10 Fall Trends You'll Love...

Whether it's leather and lace or pearls and pink that you like to wear, we got a little something for everybody. By the way, a little leather, lace, pink and pearls would look really cute together.

Narciso Rodriguez, Fall 2009
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

1.) Print Bottoms:

After seasons of solid bottoms, Fall 2009 puts the print into leggings, skirts, and pants.

WEAR IT: Print leggings are one of the hottest looks on the fall runway, but you need to wear them with care. The easiest way to pull off slim print pants or leggings is to wear them with a longer sweater or tunic. Print skirts can pull double duty worn with matching print tops for a dress look or mixed with solids for more versatility; (my fave).

Tory Burch, Fall 2009
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
2.) Leather:
Pop on a leather jacket or skirt for a bit of rock-n-roll tough girl chic.
WEAR IT: Leather pencil skirts are back and look perfectly ladylike paired with belted sweaters. Leather leggings, slim pants, and jackets work well mixed with contrasting textures (knit, velvet, lace) for lots of tactile interest.
Short Glossy Burgundy Dress from Georges Chakra, Fall 2009
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
3.) Jewel Tones:
Delicious hues of burgundy, teal, and gold bathed the runways in the hues that look great on most women.
WEAR IT: Choose an intensity that compliments your coloring if you are wearing jewel tones close to your face (i.e. softer blues for fair skin, intense blue for darker coloring). Teal is one of color that looks great on almost everyone and it's a winner this season. Jewel tones mix great with each other (teal and gold) and work great with grey and black.
Zero + Maria Cornejo
Kristian Dowling/Getty Images
4.) Black-n-White
Black and white -- a traditional warm - weather favorite -- steps into the spotlight this fall.
WEAR IT: Black and white worn together are almost foolproof if you'll remember to wear solid white on the parts of your body you want to highlight and wear black where you want to camouflage (ex: bottom-heavy gals should wear black pants with a white jacket).
An ice-blue silk blouse paired with a pencil skirt, from Jason Wu, Fall 2009.
Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images
5.) Knee-Length Skirts:
Forget the mini and the maxi; the best length now is at the knee.
WEAR IT: Of course, this trend is one you've probably opted for anyway because most women know that knee-length looks are easier to wear than extremes. But for fall, knee-length skirts (and by knee-length we mean anything from an inch or two above to right below the knee) and dresses come in a variety of fullnesses, including poufy skirts, pencil skirts, and circle skirts.
Bright pink coat from Marc Jacobs, Fall 2009.
Kristian Dowling/Getty Images
6.) PINK:
In a nod to Barbie's 50th year, designers brought back pink as the go-to color for outerwear, dresses, and separates.
WEAR IT: Pink is fashion's secret fountain of youth, if you wear the right pink for your skin tone. Fairer skin looks great in pale pink, darker tones can carry off fuchsia. But almost everyone looks radiant (and hip) in hot pink. Wear it with black, more pink or tone it down with gray.
Raw edge portrait collar dress from Lela Rose, Fall 2009.
Scott Gries/Getty Images
7.) Work Dresses:
One-piece dressing never looked so good (or office-ready) as this season's crop of dresses with interesting draping, fabrics and colors.
WEAR IT: Polish your professional image by opting for a knee-length dress with a modern twist; either a cowl neck, a wide-belted waist, a raw-edge trim, a look-at-me color (like power red).
3.1 Philip Lim, Fall 2009.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
8.) Vests:
The vest -- in everything from fur to knit -- topped runway looks with a finishing layer.
WEAR IT: Monochromatic vests and shirts are chic and slimming; hip-length vests or shorter can be worn unbuttoned over everything from floaty prints to sweaters. Fur vests (faux works just fine) can add zip to either casual or dressy pants looks.
Oscar de la Renta, Fall 2009.
Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images
9.) Metallics:
How to stand out in a crowd without wearing bling? Metallic dresses and gowns.
WEAR IT: Silver and gold draped lame dresses and gowns look fluid and sexy; metallics add shine without calling on lots of accessories to complete the look.
Teal hood, vest and mini from Lacoste, Spring 2009
Scott Gries/Getty Images
10.) Cozy Chic:
From snugly sweaters to piles of scarves, the runways were braced for a cold winter.
WEAR IT: The key to wearing bundles is to keep it sleek -- go monochromatic -- and touchable (cashmere, soft knits).

Don't forget that just because these are the trends from the runways this fall, doesn't mean these are the only clothes that are "cool" or "in style."
We have to remember to put our own touches on our outfits; and don't forget that little girl who would wear whatever she thought was cute, regardless of what Cosmo says, mainly because she hadn't read Cosmo, yet.
These 10 trends for fall are super cute, but make sure to put your own spin on things. I mean who wants to see a bunch of women all walking around in the same stuff? Not me.
So, thanks for watching and....
Stay Beautiful - Beauty Queens
P.S. Let that little girl out a little more often!

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